Morning Star M.B. Church Of Chicago

Registration   After School Student Volunteers/Jobs  Stop the Killings!

Starts January 1, 2015    General Requirements    773-933-9489   

Job Placement: Tuesday February 24, 2015

Training - 6 Weeks!  Computer Skills, ages 7-12 2,9 GPA, ages 13-18 3,0 GPA

Ages 19-26  3.5 GPA

Morning Star MB Church of Chicago! is opening up a student volunteer bank debit card account

in the student volunteer name, Weekly $              Monthly$

Students Volunteers, working out of your Homes! On your Block!

In Your Zip Code! Ages under 18, under parent or guardian supervision.

Keeping sidewalks, streets, yards, lots, and alleys clean 24/7

Church Student Volunteers, Background Check!

Student Volunteer, needs a small picture for your ID.

No X Offenders!

Need your right index fingerprint.

Your Name____________________ Address_____________________Last 4 digits of SSN_____

City__________ State_________ Zip Code_____________

DOB___/____/_____  Age____ Phone (    )_____________

Your Signature__________________________ Date_____/____/____

Under 18 Parent or Guardian Signature____________________ Date____/____/____

Block by Block 

Foot Watch Patrol 24/7

Stop the Violence!

773-933-9489  By Mail: P.O. Box 17908, Chicago, IL 60617

Educators, Student Volunteers - 2,000 Jobs for each Cook County Zip Codes!